Tree pruning, almost synonymous with tree trimming, involves intentional and selective cutting of branches to achieve specific results. Some objectives include pruning to eliminate structural defects, to eliminate decay, for more sunshine on the yard  to make it easier to walk under the tree, for a better view, to make the tree more resistant to weather events, for more fruit, etc.

topping-off, shaping around  

Generally, trees are trimmed to make the trees safer to live around, or to correct a defect. Here is a list of some of the more common defects pruning can help correct:

  • Co-dominant stems
  • Branch crossovers
  • Broken, dead, diseased or deformed branches
  • Trees spaced too close together
  • Crown too dense
  • Tree mis-shaped
  • Storm damage
  • Tree leaning excessively over home
  • Branches blocking a view
  • Too much weight on the end of a branch
  • One branch too large in relation to the tree

Pruning a tree's dead branches can help prevent branches from falling on your home, but it also reduces the risk of decay from the dead branch migrating into the live wood.

How to prune

Generally smaller cuts made more frequently are better than larger cuts made infrequently. The standard covers where on the branch to make the cut, how much of the tree to cut and prohibits the use of climbing spikes by the tree trimmer.

When to prune

Some trees have unique criteria to be considered when pruning so it’s important to identify the species of tree prior to pruning. We can offer some general seasonal tips about tree trimming.

  • Spring: Trim flowering trees soon after blossoms fall
  • Summer: Minimize pruning, but dead wood prune
  • Fall: Dead wood, smaller live cuts
  • Winter: Best time to trim most trees, especially if you need to make larger cuts

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